Hello All,
Im new to this forum as well as typing, I have just bought a pig in a poke! After robing all the kids money boxes I decided to purchace a TDCI 52 Mondeo 130, after parting with all the pocket money and the kids where smilling with the thought of a decent mode of transport to school for once.
However there smiles have turned to the sadest faces you have ever seen, as on the way home the springy heater plug light thing started flashing and the car got slower and the kids went quieter, we are in desperate need of help from anyone that can put smiles back on are faces.
The car started 1st turn of the key and went like a rocket when we first got it, but now we cant even get it going.
A friend of mine came along with a fancy bit of kit and diagnosed no 3 injector was out of its parameters, put a new one in and programed it to the car and left, I fitted it to no avail still wont start! I dont like putting on my freinds so would like to try and sought it myself.
Could the egr valve be anything to do with it?

Thanks From Peter aged 4, Paul 8, Jane12, Anne 16, Mum and Dad.