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Full Version: Door Not Closing In Cold
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Yesterday morning and this morning the drivers door on my Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi won't close. When I try to close it it's like a latch doesn't catch.

I spoke to a garage today and they said that sometimes if the door cover has been taken off a membrane might not have been replaced..

Anyone else had a similar problem to this? And was it easy to fix?
do you feel the latch click at all? and has the door closed correctly since then? if so, if you have managed to close it properly, it could be the latch needs fresh grease, as maybe the cold caused the current grease to sieze?
The last 3 mornings it would not close but then, later in the day when the temperature is a bit warmer, it worked perfectly normally.

I took it to a garage yesterday who sprayed a load of WD40 in the door latch (on the door) and said that should do it.
It didn't. It was the same this morning but by the time I'd driven to work (30 mins) it was working normally again.

jeebowhite - when it doesn't work nothing catches at all - it's like the latch isn't even there.

I'll see if I can get a socket set with the star screws tomorrow and open it up.

Very weird indeed.

A very fafetched Idea, (otherwise I am stumped!), but if there is water in either the latch mechanism, or the catch, if it gets cold, and the water expands, maybe it is mis aligning the setup, obviously on driving your cabin will warm up, transferring the heat from the cabin to the door / mechanism's, warming up any moisture, and maybe settling the setup to its required position?

Other than that, I have never experienced this issue, so I cant offer any first hand advice I am afraid...?
I had the exact same problem......

...but that was on my last car, a Pug 306. It was exactly the same, always a cold morning and after opening the door won't close. But for me it was only when it was very cold with frosts. Is that the case? Because unfortunately I don't have the answer as it only happened to me on a few occasions.

Not all is lost though. Do you park on a drive or near to buildings? If you're, or anyone else is, struggling to find an answer just simply park the drivers side door closest to the building and you'll be amazed how different it is. It might solve the problem but it will help with frost anyway.

Hope that helps.
I was out warming the car up for the wife this morning. Opened it with remote, popped it in the ignition fired it up, heated screens on, and demist setting on blower/aircon. Goes to lock the car with the non remote key, and the lock was frozen, in that key would not turn. So I hung about scraping the ice of the nearside side windows [off side clear as facing south] after a few minutes I was able to lock the car with the non remote key, just as the wife turned up ready for the off...........

Funny that the south facing side windows were not frozen but the actual handel bit of the lock on the drivers door was. Obviously rear window facing East was frozen, Windscreen facing West, and 5 foot away from house wall, was hardly frozen, just on the turn you could say. So position of the car can matter, as WHITEyy118 points out.
Thanks for the advice - I think facing my car the other way will probably fix it - that way the drivers door will be near some trees and it's always less frosted that side.

I didn't try putting hot water into the lock - I'll give that a go if it happens again.

Interestingly I found this thread about the same problem on an Audi..

ford focus edge
My mk1 has done this to me but that was because the latch was completely frozen up the door just bounced back open (rather amazed me at the time and became quite a fun game), remote locking wouldn't work etc chances are its just frozen up. Make sure its well greased and park your car the other way round and see how it goes. Exactly what the others have said in summary but it adds a post to my over all score :P

I had the same problem this morning - it was a hard frost.  It was like there was no catch on the door, so kept springing open!


I boiled the kettle and then poured it onto the outside handle and also on the actual catch on the edge of the door (sort of sloshed it to get into the crevice).  Lo and behold, that worked!


I would try cleaning the mechanism with some wd40 then grease it right up with some copper grease or lithium grease.

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somethings amiss as last year we had minus 18 degrees and my doors open and close fine i wouldnt pour hot water on the lock as it can crack the cars paint due to it being so cold ide take it back to be honest and insist its looked at under warranty

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