Hey Guys,

Name is Youven from Cape Town, South Africa. I drive a 2004 Ford Mondeo MK3 2,0 Trend, not sure what model this is for you guys up there! It's running the Duratech HE motor, same as the Fezz ST but with different software.

I belong to a local ST Owners club here, though it's more social than anything else! We even have a Toyota and an Uno Turbo driver joining us! The Mondeo is extremely rare over here, especially the ST220, so I'm quite chuffed to have one of the best kept secrets in SA in my driveway. We didn't get the new Mondeo MK4 as the MK3 sold so slowly, but hopefully the MK5 will make it here.

This forum looks good, looks like I'll enjoy myself here.