Sorry to post in here but it said I didn't have access to post in the Problems Section!

Is anyone in the London/Surrey area (or I can travel a reasonable distance) that can replace the heater matrix on my 2 litre Cougar? I'm looking at 400-500 at least at a garage, and given the value of the car it just isn't worth me doing it for that much, considering I've just had to put a new clutch in aswell. I can get the part for about 80, if someone could remove the dash and replace the matrix for a reasonable price then I would ideally like to keep my Cougar! Can you imagine what it's like at the moment with no heat in the car, I have to de-ice the inside of the car in the mornings!

Posting on here is a last resort really after going round all the garages etc, but there seems to be some knowledgeable people on here and if anyone could help me out I would massively appreciate it!!

Thanks, Simon