hey i'm kinda new at this sorta thing so be nice lol i have a 2001 1.8 ford focus zetec petrol with traction control, and today i fitted the optional steering wheel radio controls as i was tinkering i found the wire and thought i'd put it to good use... I now want to try and build on this, by adding the trip computer to my car i figure the mpg reading would come in handy, i had a look behind the clocks and the two middle air vents and found a bundle of wires with two green wires doubling back on them selves.. Are these the wires i'm lookin for? If not what colour are the wires? Also are there any other optional extras that aint been added that i could add, i already have heated electric mirrors traction control, steering wheel radio controls and front and rear fogs, just wondered if there was any more x