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Full Version: Broken Wing Mirror Cover
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Unfortunately somebody pinched the cover of my Focus drivers side wing mirror and put a noticeable crack in the black plastic part. I just wondered if I could just buy a replacement cover for it or will I need to buy the whole unit because of the damage.

Could anyone recommend a site to get a reasonbly priced replacement part and would it be easy to install myself.

I have attached some pictures to show the location of the crack.

I got a 250 quote from Fords for this repair which seems a tad steep. Does anyone know of a cheaper alternative?

I take it it's a mk1 focus,it looks like it from the photo.You can pick these up on ebay or have a painted option be cheap enough from fords or euro car parts, and its just snap on fit
Just put one on mine this afternoon. 20 on ebay and about 20 minutes to change it over. The one I got had a cover that was primed ready for painting. I'll leave that until the weather gets warmer, so I just used the one off the old mirror, even though it is rather marked and scuffed. (It's been hit 3 times in the last couple of months!)
I got one from my local scrappy cost about 40ish dead easy to change.
I'm thinking of replacing the plastic casing/housing on the passenger mirror as its scraped, does the casing just pop off?
Is there anywhere in particular you need to prise it to get it off?
don't you just love it when they come back and say.....hey thanks you guys for not ignoring me, not only that but and coming back with some useful answers...............I blame the parents myself :rolleyes:
Hi someone has hit my car mirror today on a 2010 focus , the indicator has smashed and the plastic section below it also is broken, does anyone know where I can get the plastic part from please ? I can only find the indicator section..

The plastic section below the indicator is integral to the main mirror body.

You'll need a full mirror unit unfortunately.

Yes on the Mk 1 the back cover pops off.Look at the first photo on the original post and you will see a cavity on the right hand side.With the back cover on,a Stanley knife can be used to lift the cover that's over the cavity and then a thin flat bladed screw driver can be slipped under the lifted cover,a gentle twist of the screwdriver and the cover will pop out.I use this technique at the bottom corner and works every time with no damage.

The plastic section below the indicator is integral to the main mirror body.
You'll need a full mirror unit unfortunately.

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