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Full Version: Rattling Seats!!!
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Hi all!! Has anybody had or still got problems with the second row seats??? My n/s 2nd row seat was making a rattle/judder noise whilst going over drain covers potholes etc. This was remedied in my case by jamming my spare wheel(130!!!!) between the 3rd row seats!! These things are sent to try us!!! Any replies on how to cure the problem properly would be grateful!
Sounds like they're not bolted down properly, as I have no rattles from any of my seats. Have you checked the mounting bolts on the seat frames?
Checked all bolts on the Seat frames they are all tight and secure!! It definately is from the upper part of the seat were your back rests on maybe I could take seat out again an try to see if anything is loose on that part!!?? Because they are fold flat there are multiple moving parts and hinges
I know this may sound odd, because you've taken the seats out etc, but being really practical have you checked that the seat belts are all reeled back properly, only thought this because my daughter had a friend in the car and she didn't roll it back right when she got out and the rattle it made drove me insane, that sounded like it was coming from the backs of the seats too. just a thought.
Unfortunately I've checked all options, seatbelts, securing bolts etc.. It definately is coming from the seat itself just one of those things I guess!!! Thanks for the replies though folks :-)
Hi, I had a very similar problem in my 2.5T with a rattle coming from the 2nd row. In my case it ended up being the actual seat belt bracket.
The plastic shroud over the locking mechanism was rattling against the metal inside.
I fixed it by wedging a small piece of material down the side of the plastic to hold it still.

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