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Full Version: Ford Protect Warranty, Total Ripp Off!!!
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Steve Focus
Its the final straw with Ford for me now those grabbing usless scum bags can have there shit box car back. Just been to book my car into the garrage for the 4th time !!! with the same engine problem i have had since day one and they wan't 70 just to look at it! It's got gold policy cover and it's spent more time in there garage than on my drive but now those cheeky B******s want 70 to try to fix the same problem again, F**k off mr ford. And they want 30 a day for a hire car! this is the worst main dealer service on the planet. going down to we buy any car now to take a few thousand pound loss on a car i bought 4 months ago. I will never buy ford again. And advice to all ford owners. Ford protect isnt worth the paper it's written on!
kevin lancelott
Whats the engine problem just out of interest.When I bought my last fiesta it had scratches down one side and they did not want to knock money off for it so they said fetch it back and we will sort it.When I took it back they huff and puffed trying to play it down but I told them you doing it.
Steve Focus
engine hunts and vibrates at idle mate. They have had it back 4 times with the same problem! they keep fobbing me off with excuses like "it's been cold weather recently" so F*****g what. We buy any car are going to give me 4.5k for it if anyone wants to give me any more they can have it, it comes with 12 warranty which is worth next to nothing. Just paid 6.5k for it 4 months ago. Ford Never again!
if you are that dissatisfied, go to Trading standards, im sure its a dealer issue, rather than ford
fishpond 47
Have to agree with RCJ, it dont cost anything to contact them or for there time, they are usually good at your sort of problem.

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