I have a 07 Ford Fiesta 1.4 Ghia.

Recently following a clutch repair first and second gears are very sluggish in the cold weather until the car warms up (about a ten miles before normal again) The car occasionally jumps out of first gear too.

Unfortunately, before Christmas i was towed off the motorway by the AA and the car was taken to and repaired by a citroen garage (in retrospect wish i had stipulated a Ford dealer). Ever since, i have had the problem - have taken it back but it was mild weather and they made me look like an idiot (as the gears were lovely). Now the weather has gone cold again - back to the misery.

The AA guy hinted they might have put the wrong spec oil in the gearbox? Any insights or help greatly appreciated

This otherwise is a lovely car, well looked after from new and is a misery to drive at present.