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Full Version: How Good Is The 60Plate S-Max -Where Are They?
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Seen a few complaints about the S-Max

Seen a few good reviews too

I would like some advice if you could spare the time

I am thinking of buying a 60 Plate S-Max Titanium (with very low mileage) but have not seen any comments about this late model - has anyone any experience of these? or is there a site that gives the true story with no punches pulled? Anyone any bad/good experiences? Any help appreciated - I know its only a ford - but it looks and handles so well?

Have been searching the web before I spend my hard earned cash - seems mainly dealers selling the late reg models at stupid prices - Anyone any ideas where I might find a good deal - would buy from Europe but they are more expensive (not bothered about the ford warranty - can buy that from warranty direct - oh and the better half wants a white one, and I want a minimum of 140ps

Any comments appreciated - am new to this site sso I hope you can help me

hi,i picked up my 60 plate s max in november,2 weeks later it had to go back to the dealers,i had a wierd noise coming from the engine,when i picked it up i was told that the ecu had to be re-programed and i had a a4 list of other things they had to do,for about 3 weeks i had no problems at all,i had a zafira before the s-max and i prefer the s-max,but the s-max has got to go back into the dealers again monday,there is another weierd noise coming from the engine again,i had the zafira for 3 years from new,and had not one problem with it in that whole time,like i say i love the s-maz,but i am hoping that these are problems that are just one offs,and this is not going to be a reguler thing,i have the 2.0ltr tdci,plus fuel eco is not that great,i surpose it depends on the way its driven,maybe i just have a problem s-max,
There was a big wait on the new models once they came out there was problems getting any 2.0tdci delived as ford for some reason could not build them. They starting to come through now but this would also have a knock on effect to the used car market. Used prices are very expensive cause smax have amazing residual values in the right engines and specs
Have a look here.
i've got the new s-max on a 10 plate and have no problems with it at all since i had it and i got it brand new with 0 miles on the clock
Thanks for your comment and help guys..... much appreciated

In the end I decided to lease a new S-Max Titanium from they were definately the cheapest in the UK (rand over 30 lease companies to make sure) Steve Marston was really helpful and I can recommend they to anyone

The only problem now is the wait...... til the end of May? still it will be worth it for 3 years peace of mind

When I get it will need to fit a tow bar ...

Tell me its still a good car!


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