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Hi guys
Am thinking og changing my fiesta 1.4tdci titanium and the Focus seems to catch my eye. I want a diesel as I love them but which Focus would you recommended I do about 6000 miles a year and a lot of that is short journeys. It will also be not a brand new one but probably Ford Direct like the Fiesta was. Any advice would be appreciated.
If you go with diesel, then you will have to fork out for the DPF filter. thats 1000 pounds of your hard earned money after 75000 miles, also the additive every 3 years, which is between 120 and 150.

If you get a diesel, make sure it has low mileage to start, as you will not be racking up too many miles its likely to last longer. However, since most your journeys will be short, are you sure Diesel is what you want? Petrol would probably be better, and less expensive in the long run. Diesels tend to work for people who do a lot of motorway mileage!
Many thanks for your reply. I take on what you say about petrol against diesel but also I am hoping to do more milage even going across the water so think the diesel wins also if I get a 1.6tdci its only 35 a year road tax. I notice you say you are a fed up 1.6tdci owner, why fed up?
Too many problems with the car, the customer service of Ford is not the best (bought locking wheelnuts from Fords Parts and they were defective, the response was "Buy some more, and we might refund if we find a problem with them) - to do that I needed to send in the locking wheelnuts that were faulty... shame really as its in a million pieces along with my wheel somewhere deep in the abyss of a garage...

Just had so many problems and costs, the only reason I havent took the car back is because of the local customer service at my local Dagenham Motors in Gillingham, the girls in the Service Department are fantastic and they care unlike the rest of the business!

So far...

*alternator failed at 48000 miles
*fuel Filter housing damaged, and kept cutting out the engine
*response to the locking wheel nuts
*Diesel Particulate Filter...
*leaks into the boot switch control
*Problems with the fuel filter and sender unit...

Overall the expense, the lack of customer service from the brand, and the non-stop headaches of the Diesel Filter...

There are a few things, and I just dont like Ford dealers anymore, I had a lot of trust in my car when I bought it... Now I dont have any...

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