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Full Version: Omg!!! Please Dont Tell Me Its $$ To Fix!!
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Hi again everyone!! Long time no post cause my car have been all fine, but!! always a but! Today while I was driving, I started hearing some grubbling noise coming from the left rear wheel when i stop at a red light. I think it makes that noise when I brake. The grubbling noise is kind of like something got stuck in the wheel while braking. Is it the brake disc? or the clip on the brakes?

I am no car expert, please you guys need to help me. MOT is expiring soon, 1/2 a month. OH NO!!!! HELP!!!


brake pads maybe on the metal...

disc may have corroded...

caliper maybe getting a bit stiff and so brakes are binding...

get the wheel off and a torch and have a nose! ;)
I recon it's just the pads.
I replaced discs and pads on mine 1/2 a day but you do need a caliper piston wind back tool.
Not much money for pads and discs from general motorfactor
I had a look at the brake unit, and my rear right brake disc have a line of scratch all around the disc, so must be the brake pads that needs changing...maybe even the disc...thanks everyone for helping.

Thanks again

chris bowman
the scratch isb grit that got between the pad and disc and could have caused the noise. make sure the grit aint there and if the pads arent low dont change them
Just finished MOT test....Failed it of's the rear brakes...I had it repaired straight away in Kwik-fit, but the parts was from unipart. they said it will had life time warranty on the pads n 12 months on the disc. Out of interest, have anyone used this parts before? Are they long lasting?


Kwik Fit use the cheapest stuff They can get thier hands on !! Unipart are budget stuff. Usualy made by a company called Apex. Not good!!. What did they charge for that job ? You can buy a Mintex brake box kit consisting of discs and pads for less than 40 quid. I recently did the fronts on My wifes Focus. The Mintex kit was 32 quid including the VAT De;ivery was 8 quid but I picked them up....
For the whole job, they charged me 204 quid. so uniparts are not good and i just been ripped off by kwik fit. what a great week
Mate It would not be totaly fair to say that Unipart parts are no good !! But they are definately Budget variety.. 204 quid is ridiculous !! Parts top for decent kit as above 40. Labour time Well 1 hour per side would leave plenty of time for tea drinking !!

Kwik Fit are NOTORIOUS for being expensive at best and Total Rip Off at worst !!!
just had a read of this topic. as a kwikfit employee. i can tell you we use bosch pads and discs, which in my opinion considering the price is fairly reasonable. they arnt the cheepest, but also not the most expensive. basicly they do the job there ment to for the common driver. as for the price that sounds the same as if i was to get mine done there (but obviously i do mine myself) if your incapable of fitting parts like this yourself the best thing to do is go to a garage to get the work done. and so it possably is a reasonable price. this said i do not side with kwik fit or against them. just my own opinion
So You as a Kwik Fit Employee say Bosch and the OP gets unipart one at Kwik Fit ??? Im not having a go at Kwik Fit but they are very widely regarded as rip off merchants !! Over 200 quid is just robbery !!
well yes anyone can say someware is expensive blah blah etc and fitting yourself is cheeper. but as i said the fact is if you do not know how to fit these parts yourself and so they are safe 2 use the vehicle then you will have to go someware to pay for the work to be done. and for what you get: quality wormanship, garantee on the parts and workmanship and free pads for the life you own your vehicle. you basicly get a good package for the price and a peice of mind that your brakes have been fitted by someone fully trained to do soo. and yes there prices are alittle steep but i dont know prices from other places to compair with. but would you rather pay 100 for the pads and discs and have someone not able to fit them properly and possably cause brake failier, or would you rather pay abit extra to know your car is going to stop when you need it too?? (same as before im on neither side) but also i do know kwikfit's rep is abit damaged but thats because people sit on sites like this slatting companys (kwikfit being the biggest = more complains) you dont get the thousands of people each day sitting here saying what a great visit they had etc. so bad rep spreads quicker than good!!! in other words take a think about it and sum up whether you would rather kwikfit do the work or a 'cowboy' for the benifits?? cheers lee
Mate I have a Neighbour who is the wrong side of 70. He was advised By Kwack Fit that He needed front and rear pads and discs on His Audi A3 at a cost of nearly 800 ! I had a look and disagreed but to put His mind at rest I took it to a Friend Who runs an independant garage And MOT centre. We put the car on a wheels free lift and removed the wheels for a close inspection. The brakes were absolutely fine. No scoring or marking to any of the four discs and all were well within manufacturers tolerances. Pads all had less than 40% wear......... 800 quid ???
Your company has been well documented and featured on TV and for bloody good reason.....

Sorry but over 200 quid is not reasonable. You will likely know that the laobour should be no more than an hour .. Discs and pads 40 quid.. Cmon We know whats fair and 200 odd quid aint !!..................

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