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Full Version: '96 Escort Idling/overheating
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Hi all,

I know absolutely NOTHING about cars. Give me a pc, I can tell you the northbridge from the southbridge. Okay, Ive got minimal maintenance knowledge, keeping the levels in check etc

The Escort was handed down to me from my partners dad, and it's been fine for a good year and a bit now. Today though, as I was driving down to pick up the mrs from work, I had to stop on a steep hill and idle in traffic.

The engine suddenly stalls, chokes and cuts out. I turn the key and it starts again straight away but the rest of the trip is a nervous shaky affair. On the way home, same hill but up instead of down, I'm stuck in traffic and it starts to stall. I apply a little gas and it picks up.

As I get to the top of the hill, notice my temp guage is on the red and I can almost smell a burning smell.

I get home, let it cool for an hour, open the bonnet and the engines still really warm, all from a simple 20min trip. I check the coolant, its fine, still full, and the oil looks good.

I did have an oil filter change last week by my partners brother whos a ford mechanic, but unfortunately he lives 300 miles south.

I took it for a spin after topping up the oil and water a bit more, and idled outside my house. It was fine'ish for driving, but when I was idling outside, it started cutting out about 5minutes into the idle. It never died and I never applied the gas, but it really started to vibrate and cut out. The temp was raising slowly but it only got as far as the 'N' on the Temp gauge.

So, would massively appreciate some ideas.

I work 14 miles away and take a psychotic A Road to get there, so driving at 7am tomorrows going to be a scary experience.


newb in need
what engine?

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