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Full Version: Focus Elle + 0 Ncb + Only Just Passed
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Finnally passed my driving test 6 months on from buying my little car :) ... now im stumped when it comes to choosing the insurance, its so so so expensive, have you guys got any tips how to lower the insurance ?

insurance for the first few years will always be expensive, you can get things like 10 month bonus accelerator policies but majority of these are only good for the company you earned them with as other companies dont think they are a good idea. please please please do not front your insurance (put a parent or more experienced driver as the main policy holder and yourself as a named driver) as this will catch you out in the event of a claim and then insurance will be void and they wont pay a penny

driving is not cheap and people who think it is or should be must have theie head where the sun doesnt shine
congrats on passing. but like fordpartsman just said dont put a parent as main and yourself as named driver, and it will be expensive for the first years. however the more NCB you get the lower the insurance. ring around, dont use net, and see what offers they give you. i phoned one broker up and for going with them they gave me 3 years NCB and all the optional extras for free and 3 months free, so shopping around does work.

another benefit to ringing is to try and get discount like i got loads of discount ontop of all that because im in the air force and got military discount, that sorta thing if you get me.

if you dont think you will do more than 6k miles, try insure the box (google) they install a tracker and another box to see how many miles you do and pay for what you have a top up insurance thing. only glanced at it so i didnt get full details.
I have about the same car as you (from your display image) great car. You may want to try "young marmalade" insurance, funny name but it's a huge discount on insurance with no milage limits, the only limit is you are restricted from 11PM to 6AM to drive as these are the most dangerous hours. I'm 19 and pay 1,300 for insurance. You need a tracker and pass plus to do it
hey ! congrats! :)

ask your instructor about Passplus, how much he will do it for, ask what discount he gives if you do it in your own car, which is better for you really anyway.
Then phone round insurers to see the discount you could get for the course.

I offer the course for 100 pounds if a pupil uses their own car...and sometimes the discounts can be as much as 25% so you get ya money back PLUS are more trained for driving out in the real world! :)
some nice help there guys and some good information :)

Piggy i am booked in on the passplus for 130 with my instructor :)
cool! have fun B)

PS is that with your car?
[quote name='InstructorPiggy' timestamp='1297351606' post='113571']
cool! have fun B)

PS is that with your car?

No that would be in the instructors car.
i got a good quote from Ford and taken it out with them, they offer some decent perks. and they will knock 400 off when i pass my passplus, so its on me to sort it out.

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