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Full Version: Air Vents 1.8 Tdci
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Don`t think I`m imagining this... Had my air vent on full this morning and noticed when I accelerated the air output increased and when I eased off it lessened.
Is this normal?
Aircon wasn`t on.

Any tipps what it could be?
Thanks everyone
does this on mine aswell...more noticeable if you turn it up 4, air con and air circ on...think it so there is still power to the car to move haha
Mine does this too but only at lower engine revs. I also notice the healights dim if the engine is close to tic over speed and I put in a lot of steering input (I believe there's an electrical assist on the power steering).
Also I only notice this after just setting off so the glow plugs may also be drawing current.

I've always assumed the alternator isn't able to output enough amps to do everything when operating at slower engine speeds so somethings got to give, hence lights dim, fan speed slows etc. etc.

yeah exactly...the way the ecu probably controls it all is to say engine and ecu take all the power to "stay alive"
haha interesting post, I have also noticed this and my headlights dip ever so slightly when i press the accelerator down, not enough for it to be a big issue though

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