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Full Version: Glowplug Light Flashing
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Hello to all,

Mondeo 130 tdci 2002 My story,

I bought my car from a guy in wales via ebay, he told me that he used it daily and had no problems with it and nothing to declare when I asked him if there are any grey areas with the car.
Well I parted with my money and set of home to the midlands, the car was almost to fast on acceleration accompanied by quite a lot of valve noise (Cammy if you like) Well soon after the car slowed and the glow-plug light started flashing, also a strange sweet smell from the exhaust but no real smoke issues at this time.
When I did get home it would not start the following morning, after fitting a new battery, starter motor, glow-plugs it would run, but the smoke was nothing short of shameful.
To point out the car when I parted with my money started first time and ran well.
A friend used a top end diagnostic machine that pointed out number 3 cylinder was faulty, I must point out that I also fitted a cam sensor to no avail,
We did reprogram the injectors and it was great for about 20 miles, fast and responsive, but then a new problem came! a noise that can only be described as pinking (BADLY) on acceleration and deceleration, then would cut out for no real reason, Very scary.
I was so fed up that I just left it sitting on the drive thinking I had been a fool in buying this car.
Well after reading all the posts on here I made the decision to buy some reconditioned injectors, the decision was made easy after talking the guys at Carwoods in Coventry, they told me and when I think about it it makes sense, leaking injectors will not hold enough pressure in the rail so under load the engine would cut out, which it did! the pinking was due to uncontrolled fuel delivery.
To sum it up My gamble of buying the injectors has paid of and the car ran great even without programming them in! (don't ask I don't know how) but I did get them programmed to be sure.

I really hope this post will help someone.

Carwoods in Coventry 120. each plus Vat.

All the best Ellery
glad your sorted ellery!!

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