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Full Version: Hit A Pot-Hole... Crack!
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Well it appears that my utterly inept council cannot fill pot-holes correctly.

I hit a hole the other day, that was filled only a week earlier. Totally unavoidable, now my heated windscreen has a 10+ inch crack.

This wasn't an "autoglass" situation, where it was chipped, then cracked.

Called the council, who are sending a claims form out... to be sent to their insurer.

Not happy :(
:o thats shocking mate, you might find it will grow aswell...atleast the council have accepted it and are going to pay the claim.

its quite bad where i am aswell...specially on the A1 around junction 62 and 61....cant avoid them whatsoever....a66 is pretty bad also but they are stripping that road and resurfacing it. but it does make you think where the money goes from your car tax, that pays for road repairs...
its terrible here! and getting worse by the day.

I have noticed that its gotten slightly bigger.

Road Tax is an absolute joke. How much money does this government make from the road fund license? And how much gets ploughed back into the road network? I read in the Metro this morning that in Scotland alone, the Maintenance backlog on our decrepit roads has hit 2.5bn!

With regard to the council, unfortunately they haven't accepted to pay out... only to send a claim form out.. it'll then rest with their insurer to decide if i get a payout or not.

In order to keep my premium down on my insurance, I raised my excess (£350) so I'm not going to claim on my own insurance.

If they don't pay out, i may pursue it in a small claims court, and if all else fails, I'll get a second hand one in the mean time :(
i reckon it wont be long before the general population of motorists crack and do something about it. i mean at the moment we, the motorist, have to put up with:

extortionate tax rates, that we dont really see a return with.
ridiculus fuel prices, which only seem to get higher and higher.
micky taking taxes that add more to the above.
insurance premiums on the increase.

how much money does the government and other bodies think, we the general population have? its mind boggoling.

as for you claim mate, if they send out the claim forms then they have basically accepted liability. because if they didn't they wouldnt give you the forms. if they knew about the pot hole (which they did as they did work) they are liable...i read it on a few sites.

as for your insurance, i claimed a while back on my old car for cracked windscreen...i only paid 50 excess. i had fully comp insurance which did say 100 for windscreen but if i went through them direct it would only be 50. anyways long story short i got better glass in the car, paid the 50 and didnt effect the NCB i achieved. so it might be worth looking through your policy wording if you have fully comp, got no chance with TP.
I agree with JohnH, Each insurer is different. your excess of 350 will only be for claims against the vehicle (i.e. Fire, Theft, Accident) if you review your paperwork you will probably find that there is no excess for repair, however replacement may be 50-100. Mine with admiral I think is 75.00, and the effecting the NCB can be a misleading statement. you may not lose a year, but most insurers tend to freeze your no claims for the year! (which insurer are you with?)
[quote name='jeebowhite' timestamp='1297934250' post='114522']
I agree with JohnH, Each insurer is different. your excess of 350 will only be for claims against the vehicle (i.e. Fire, Theft, Accident) if you review your paperwork you will probably find that there is no excess for repair, however replacement may be 50-100. Mine with admiral I think is 75.00, and the effecting the NCB can be a misleading statement. you may not lose a year, but most insurers tend to freeze your no claims for the year! (which insurer are you with?)

you can wait up to 6 months to get a claim from the council and im talking from previous experience they will require pictures of the pot hole and if there are no yellow marks around it then they can and will state that as it wasnt marked for repair they were unaware of it been there done that and got the t shirt mate not what you want to here i know but youll end up having to replace the screen youreself even if they do accept fault youll be waiting months and all the phoning in the world wont make it go any quicker either
top banana

This is a very good website for assistance with damage from potholes..
helped me to claim from council last year.
Thanks for your replies guys!!

WeLl, I reviewed my paperwork, it's 75 excess.

I'm with Admiral, who use National Windscreens. Does anyone have any experience with them?

I was thinking the other day that I'll claim for it on my insurance, then maybe claim it back from the council.

Thanks again folks
Last time I had the windscreen replaced was part of an accident repair.

Bare in mind that your 75 excess will replace the window, but Admiral may freeze your no claims bonus for the year, which means even if your council do pay for the repair, you still have a frozen years no claims bonus... that in itself is more hassle than its worth, think of the money you could have saved with the additional years no claims on your premium renewal - maybe something to contest with the council?

Only problem with a windscreen replacement is that if you have the heated windscreen, they may only replace with a standard windscreen. This is due to the fact that unless you can prove your car came with the heated windscreen from the factory, they will use the standard windscreen as its a lot cheaper for them!
Also it takes four hours minimum for the screen and putty to set, so dont expect to be able to drive away. Its certainly worth doing a "rain test" on the windscreen after about 6 hours, just let a hose soak the edges of the windscreen and see if any water at all seeps through, if it does, inform the insurer as they may need to reseat the screen...

Hope this helps and I havent just taught a granny to suck eggs... ;)
Speaking from experience it's a pain in the backside when this sort of thing happens.
Our local council state that before a claim can be validated the pothole in question must have been previously reported by somebody else. If you are the first person to suffer because of the hole in question and are therefore the first person to report it they will not entertain a claim based on the grounds that they cannot reasonably be expected to know about every defect in the road unless it has been brought to their attention.
I don't know if this applies to every council or come to that how you can prove that it has been reported before.
Anyway good luck with your claim
Thanks again. The hole in question had been filled in a week previous... incorrectly obviously (does no one seal the edges with tar anymore??)

The day I called to complain, it was filled in later that afternoon.

Awesome info about the replacement, guess it'll be a day in the house for me then haha :)

I called to enquire about the replacement screen, specifically mentioning that it was a heated screen. If that's what is in my car then that is what I'll get. Only thing is as the car is over 3 years old they cannot guarantee that it'll be manufacturer approved... I.e Ford Branded Glass. But to be honest I don't care, as long as it does the job and works as it should then I'll be happy. A couple of the ribbons were out on the current screen, so a fully working one would be great haha

i had my windscreen replaced by "auto windscreens" on my old peugeot and the tech who came out and replaced it said i had to wait 20 mins before i drive anywhere and that it was safe to do so, so you might not have to spend the day inside haha
20 minutes is a bit too short! the glue wont have had time to bond to the screen and car... oh well!

And yeah, just make sure that when they drop the glass off they are definately providing you with heated windscreen, you need to state in writing to your insurance company that you want a heated windscreen, otherwise they ignore it to save themselves a few hundred pounds!
Well that's it booked! Get my new screen fitted on Weds morning. Assured me that it will be a heated screen, w/green tint. Sounds like it's Ford glass the way the guy described it. I'll reserve judgement for now. Will let you know once it's fitted :-)

Thanks again for your replies
Good job! insurance made easy for a change!
Got it replaced... Not Ford glass... Safevue??

But I'm not bothered, it's heated, and it works as it should.

Also, my NCB isn't affected at all, not suspended or frozen. So win win... Minus 70 excess lol
Thats very good indeed! clearly my insurance company / companies see me coming...
Lol you had me guessing though when you mentioned it.

They're a law unto themselves, insurance companies... Slight change of subject, but At least the European courts finally decided that charging men and women different rates was sexist! I've been saying that for years
Something sensible to come out of the EU! I think the rates are a bit steep that they are hiking the womans prices, but at the same time, its good to see that quality has been returned - plus a 10% average reduction on all mens policies at renewal!

But yes, insurance companies do what they like, when they like, and the new rules today on "if you have a vehicle driving, or SORN then you still have to pay isnurance" - I do not agree with this, maybe its for a different thread in a different subforum, but there you go...

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