Hi all,

New here and this is my first post, so I would like to say thanks in advance to anyone who can help a newbie!

I have an 07 plate C-Max (diesel) and recently have had a problem with a couple of things which I feel are connected.

Firstly, the heated front screen has stopped working, the switch lights up, but it does nothing else!

Secondly, the rear wiper, both front and rear washers (but not front wipers) and the electric front windows intermittently stop working and then start working again. There seems to be no pattern to this, sometimes they work, then they won't and then they'll work again!! Occasionally, the blowers stop working too, but that is rare.

Are any of these things connected? I was wondering if the washers, rear wiper and electric windows were on the same fuse?

Any help and advice gratefully accepted. I'm not too good with electrics so hoping its not too technical!!

Many thanks!!!!