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Full Version: Where To Fit Reverse Sensors
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A friend bought some cheapo reverse sensors off E-bay ([url=""]Click here[/url]) and they seem to work ok,,so i thought i'll buy a set for the focus.

I've had a quick search but i'm not sure where to place them on the bumper.Depending where i place them to what colour set i order.
I'me sure i've seen them on the upper grey part but also the middle blue strip

I'm sure position 1,2 or 3

thanks nyck
Looking at the sensors Im not sure if they will fit on the top grey part, think the backs are too big. probably best to get the nearest colour match and pop them on the painted part of the bumper
i`ve just fitted mine, estate though, in the gap between no1 and no2. mines metallic blue but put in matt black ones. you need them to be on the flattest part. other wise they will pick up the floor all the time
As to position, well basically like the last poster says. Ford when fitting them at the factory, fit them on the black bumper strip Position No 1.

I fit the electro magnetic type behind the bumper, and when I was laid under the rear of the car I could see on the rear of the black bit of the bumper. And there were un drilled out recesses for sensors, with cable securing clips running the length of that black strip.

Now I personally would be wary that the sensors you have, may not fit if you drilled your black strip. Then you would be stuck with the holes in it, but you could try it if your a gambling man. Now if you were mad enough to try it, I would suggest you take the strip off and drill pilot holes from the back, then actually cut the holes from the front of the bumper strip. Install sensors and wiring whilst of the bumper proper.

Or do as I did with my electro magnetic type, fit them just below the black bumper strip, because obviously in that area is considered by Ford to be the optimum place for them.
I could be wrong, but mine I am sure are fitted between positions one and two...
Pop the black strip off and the holes in the bumper are already there. Just mark up and drill the black plastic strip and refit. Simples.
[quote name='jeebowhite' timestamp='1298316831' post='115215']
I could be wrong, but mine I am sure are fitted between positions one and two...

I can confirm mine were fitted on the flat of the bumper between 1 and 2!
I got impatient and went down my local fords Sunday night .They only had one with sensors fitted a MK3.
It does look like they go in between 1&2.Well i've orderd a blue set so they will have go there.

I've also got a Detachable towbar to fit

Thanks for the reply
make sure you don`t put one behind or too near the tow bar mate
had a look at those on ebay and they look...thinking of buy myself a set...can you keep us posted on how fitting went please?
Here you go

I used this youtube video to help as a guide [url=""]( click here )[/url]
The colour they came as were quite a good match but i also bought same ford touch paint from e-bay and made it look just right.


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