Hi there, new on here but now entering 4th year of Mondeo ownership and just added no.2 to the household...

Bought an 05 Mondeo hatch yesterday and have got one minor teething issue that I need to get resolved asap. I hadn't spotted that the front passenger door EXTERIOR handle is not working consistently (works about half the time).

Having had a quick peak inside the door and at the mechanism it seems that everything is working properly EXCEPT that the rod that releases the lock could do with adjusting.

It's obviously adjusted by the door handle by means of the plastic clip on the threaded section of the rod at the top of the door but I can't work out how to release and/or move the adjuster clip up/down the threaded bit. The rod itself doesn't turn.

I'm pretty sure the top of the rod needs to move down through the adjuster but if someone could confirm that would be helpful too and save me a bit of trial and error.

I could remove everything from the car (handle / lock etc) but can't believe this is what's needed.

Help gratefully received.