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Full Version: 2003 Ka- getting some problems...
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Hello! I'm new to this forum - I have a 2003 Ka Style and have been very happy with it since 2004. However, it seems to be developing some problems, maybe due to its age?

My car is sometimes very hesitant when setting off from slow or stopped - almost like it is lacking in power or misfiring - this can be quite dangerous when pulling out of a junction or away from a roundabout as I get stranded in the middle of the road unable to accelerate away. The worst time this happened, the engine warning light came on, and I had to take it to the Ford garage. They diagnosed a blocked injector nozzle and changed it, but the problem came back just a couple of weeks later. It is intermittant, so it's difficult to show a mechanic, as the problem is not always apparent. It has now developed a squeaky noise on setting off (a bit like a belt slipping), and this noise also sounds when I change from 2nd/3rd or 3rd/4th when the car's in motion. Has anyone else experienced this / can anyone help?

And just to add everyone's favourite Ka job, is it feasible for me to change the headlights/indicators myself - by taking the bumper off - or does it need to go to the garage AGAIN?

Hope someone is able to help.

Good to see an accessible forum too!
the squeaking noise mabe the clutch slipping

the lights you can do at home without taking the bumpers off but you may have to have
them re-aligned after.
not sure on the pulling away scenario but it sounds dangerous
the lack of power could be a plug or lead starting to break down or the fuel filter playing up

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