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Full Version: Boot Problem Focus Mk1
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Hey all,

for about a month now Ive been having trouble with my boot, at first i was driving along and i would hear the electrical clicking and then mechanical whurring of the boot unlocking, the open door light would then turn on... this scarred the hell of of me especially when driving with thing in the boot, fortunately it never once opened fully, the lock has a kind of '2 catch system' so it opened and got stuck between two pins like if you don't close it hard enough and it rattles.

Anyway this happened a few times and after it happening on the motorway i talked to a mechanic about it he just disconnected the electrical side of the boot system. the only way i can get into my boot is with a key, the boot button doesn't work.

I was hoping someone knew what this was so i could attempt to fix it and possibly link me to an ebook for a haynes manual?

Thanks in advanced

2.0 Focus mk1 2000
had the same problem with mine.....try the dash button a few times i found mine was sticking in and operating the boot lock...bty what THING do you have in your boot?
I had something similar on my MK2, the boot switch had water in the rubber seal which was shorting the boot out, sometimes it wouldnt open when I wanted to and it would open whenever it felt like it. Mine was a simple fix, remove the rubber grommit, let the water escape and put it back in. I then fitted the rubber grommit, but left a breathing hole so the water could escapre as opposed to build up...

Back to the MK1... There have been many a thread on here with regards to the boots opening, most the time it can be a simple short circuit, and it is almost definately going to be at the boot lid! Get access to the switch (I presume it will be as simple as unscrewing the plastics of the boot lid). Check the switch and all wires along it, you may find a simple chafing that is causing the short out and activating the switch, or you could find that the switch needs replacing. I have seen a few people on here just bought a new switch for a small fee (cant remember off the top of my head) and replaced it, and that seemed to work for the majority!

Good Luck!

EDIT: If all else fails, do a search on the forums for other Boot Lid problems, you will see what I mean!
Jeeb, if you're referring to the manual boot release switch this is on the dash in the Mk1 (a much better arrangement IMHO). I'm wondering if the wiring's damaged where it passes through the grommet between body and tailgate. Worth a look, I'd say.
hi mjt, I was referring more to the switch thats in the boot, the "catch" that hooks onto the latch, I believe that has a switch also to release the catch.
Hi jeebowhite, I think you're talking about the lock motor, a solenoid that releases the latch? (although this does have a microswitch as part of it that operates the boot light and sends a 'boot open' signal to the GEM.

I agree with you that the problem is most likely in this area as road vibration seems to be triggering the release. I think (I may be wrong here - I haven't checked the circuits) that there will be a permanent live feed to the motor and it's actuated by earthing the return wire, so a short to earth would cause the problem. This could well be, as you said, a chafed wire.
Hey all,

Thx to all the replys very helpful!

when it gets warmer ill open her up and take a look, ive ordered a haynes manual so fingers crossed itll cover how to get into the boot to take a look.

thx again all

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