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Full Version: What Does This Switch Do? (Pics)
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Hi All,

I was fittinng an AUX cable for the wifes Ipod in her car (57reg Zetec 1.8 petrol), I cut a hole in the righthandside blank button (next to rear windscreen heater)

for a laugh i flipped off the lefthand side button (marked with an arrow in the below pic)and to my shock it is actully wired!??


1 - what is this butotn for?
2 - can i get a pushbutton to make it work?

a bloke in work reckons its the remote boot release and its a standard wiring loom, just on the zetec it didnt come as standard?

cheers for any help
Got a feeling they are either side and for heated seats on the titanium, but not totally sure someone on here will no
cheers, i thought they were for heated seats, but i think the heated seat buttons are thinner and have roller wheels on them.

I really have no idea, I have looked at the online brochure and can see nothing on either spec!

i actually found this pic on google (st)... the heated seats are smaller buttons.

the button next to the left heated seat is the one like mine thats blank, but i doubt my car has ESP??

Hmmm that is weird, we wait with baited breath for someone to answer.
My car does have ESP.......but still has the blank on the left with wiring behind !
The ESP is controlled by the steering column stalk, on mine.

I found this out because I used the other blank on the left ( which doesn't have anything behind it ) to house an auxiliary switch.
The mystery continues........ ?
yep i have this on my 06 plate. two thin wires leading to the blanking plate...wonder where they go :S
anyone? i cant believe nobody knows what its for or never seen it before?
here are some more photos to help those who dont understand...if this is the same as original poster.
This is for the "passenger airbag disabled" light. I think the wiring is still put in but the dealer has to activate it, add the light (similar to the esp switch but not a switch) and add the key barrell in the glovebox. It allows you to disable the passenger airbag if you have a childseat there (or someone you dont like :-))

I cant find a photo online :-(

Hope that helps :-)
Are we sure it's not for the ESP switch? I know someone has stated their ESP is deactivated via the stalk and menu system, but that only applies to the latest Focus models. Mk.2s had the ESP switch down there, as illustrated earlier.

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