Hi All,

I just bought (rescued) a Mondeo Zetec MK3 2.0L Duratec from being scrapped.

Paid a pretty penny, well, cheap-ISH but if I can fix then will be WELL WORTH it....

Basically, it does run. BUT.........................

It seems that with every roation of the engine, there is a bang. It's defeinatly at the top of the engine and i'd say at the back.

Its much louder than the intake problem i've read about and heard. its a serious bang.
I have NOT test driven the car BUT it does move (aparently with ok power) under its own steam.

Its a metallic noise too. Like a hammer hitting something metal.

Anyone got any ideas please? I'm really wanting to get this one dealt with.
Are cam followers a known issue?

No missfire to mention and IS fireing on all 4 cylinders ok.