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Full Version: Alarm Keeps Beeping!
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christine b
Please help!!!

I've been given a 1998 Mondeo, but have no manual.
I've got a problem with it in that every now and again, an alarm starts for no reason. Sometimes it's when I'm in the car, and sometimes when I get out of it.
The horn 'peeps' and the hazards flash every couple of seconds.
The range for the unlocky key is very small, and doesn't always unlock all the doors.
Could this be connected?
Is it fixable without a trip to the garage?

Any ideas welcome.
Thank you.
the common failure point for the alarm is the bonnet switch i would check this first.
I had a similar issue but after replacing the bonnet switch it fixed the issue. You can just remove it but the alarm might not come on but its a good test to see if it is that switch.
Hi there.

I currently have the same problem but when I disconnect the bonnet switch cable it still does the same so I cant see that replacing the switch would solve the problem in my case.

Any ideas????
hi, can u tell me the location of the bonnet switch on a 1997 (p-reg) 1.8 lx model?? im having the same issue - alarm goes of for no reason at all


Try locking the car with key rather than worked for me...X

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