hello everyone,
i dont post on these forums very much (which i see as a good thing) but anyways i recently had a service on my 54 reg Ford focus 1.6l Edge.
The service found that one of my spark plugs was black and needed replacing. The car has done 80,000 miles so not sure if this is normal. No codes on ECU.

The other thing is the people who did my service said i had a code come up last year saying that a code came up (dunt know which one) which diagnosed that the rev meter maybe being affected by the fuel gauge?? Not sure if this makes any sense to any mechanics who come on here. EIther way, they didnt mention it this time and i was abit miffed at this cos if the ECU comes up with a code once, would i be right in thinking that the code wont disappear until it has been remedied? Just got me thinking that the garage i went to maybe trying to pull a fast-one.