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Full Version: Thinking About Buying A Fusion 1.4Tdi
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Hello, I just joined the forum as I am looking to buy a 2004 Fusion 1.4 TDi. Can anyone tell me any common faults that I should look out for? I would be really grateful for any help.
Check the injector seals are OK, look for a smell of exhaust gas in the cabin when idling.

Rear shocks.

Rattling dash.

Water ingression into rear light clusters and rear washer mechanism.

These are some of the problems I've ran in to but none were that expensive to repair other then the injector seals and they were replaced under warranty.
Hi flubear

never had any problems with mine. gets some hammer and stick some times but only thing i have had to replace is the head light its self as the motor had stopped working inside.

there a wonderful car and get great MPG.
Thanks for the advice and positive comments chaps. I pick up the car tomorrow and I'm very excited about it!
I bought one of these 1.4tdi 2 yrs ago. 51k miles and dealer serviced. Check it does have the lower road tax band tho..there are 2 versions and one is higher than the other although they both have 1.4 engines. No problems and over the last year fuel economy averaged 55.4 mpg mainly from local plodding about and no motorways or high speed work. Just one round trip of 500mls (Kent and back)
They can be slow to start in cold weather but ok if you remember they do have glow plugs but no indicator light as they are listed as instant start... not in very cold weather! Just be patient and listen for the click of a relay somewhere under the bonnet.
Dead easy oil change..filter is at the top of the engine so just a drain plug underneath. Only takes 3.8 litres of semi synthetic oil and doesn't burn a drop.
Had diesels since 1984 and after a 2.3 Sierra this is the best. Verdict....nice!
I have picked up the Fusion now! It's a plus in metallic black with the blacked out rear and back windows and I'm very pleased with it so far. Only slight thing with it is that the remote key fob only opens the drivers door or the boot. The key in the lock will centrally unlock all of the doors? I'm guessing that this is a fault?

Maybe that's one for a new thread.
The central locking can be programmed to open all door with one 'open' click from the remote or just the drivers door, to open all doors press the button again. Instructions for changing the operation is in the handbook.

Hopefully this is how your car is setup and not a fault.
Thanks Dan I'll give it a go and I'll let you know how I get on.
That worked like a treat thank you...! I just followed the manual and pressed the lock and unlock keys together until the indicators flash and it switches modes to open all of the doors instead of just the drivers door! All working fine now!

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