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Full Version: Ford Mondeo 2.0 Diesel Automatic Problem
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n October last year we took possesion of a brand new 2.0L diesel automatic Mondeo on lease. A really great car except for the automatic side of the gearbox. The gearbox works fine in Sport or manual mode but if used in automatic can be dangerous.
If coming to a rolling stop i.e. approaching a junction and then seeing that it is safe to cross, you gently accelerate to cross it safely and without causing inconvenience to other road users. Unfortunately although you have depressed the pedal nothing happens and you enter the intersection in neutral mode, but by this time the traffic that was a safe distance away is rapidly approaching and entering a danger zone. Natural tendency is to depress the accelerator harder and on a number of occasions you hear the revs climbing and then the gearbox engages with a bit of a clunk.
Ford dealership acknowledge that it is a trait in the car due to the way the ECU software is written and are not prepared to do anything about it. I know of other owners who have a simialr problem. It was suggested that I use the Sport mode which consumes a lot more fuel. We are paying for an automatic car. It was suggested that it was the way I drive the vehicle until I pointed out that I had held a advanced driving licence and had also driven rapid response police patrol cars and therefore had some of the best driver training.
After much to and froing between the lease company, Ford and ourselves it has now been agreed that a technician from the Ford UK will inspect the vehilce. I find it quite annoying that an issue or fault is allocated a category of being a trait and that an owner should have to put up with this trait.
I have had automatics previously and the only other one that had a similar problem was a Volvo S80 diesel automatic. At the time Ford owned Volvo. I had no such issues with our Avensis which was petrol or my Toyota HiLux Surf which was a full diesel auto. Perhaps only auto diesels sufer thsi problem.
If it was not for this problem we would have a really great car. It seems that the lease company has had other complaints as they are prepared to allow me to cancel the agreement with no cancellation fee and allow us to trasnfer our original deposit and choose another car .
Disappointed that there has not been a single reply when it has been confirmed that the problem does exist.
Yes, it has happened to me twice and is, potentially, very dangerous.

If anyone can tell us what has happened and how to prevent it, many thanks.
[quote name='Triestobeagooddriver' timestamp='1312411051' post='138553']
Yes, it has happened to me twice and is, potentially, very dangerous.

If anyone can tell us what has happened and how to prevent it, many thanks.
Ford eventually admitted that it was a trait with the car and that they could not rectify the problem. After having a very close shave involving an artic, we made a lot of noise and eventually got a full refund on our deposit and also for the towbar that had been fitted. In addition by this time the Bluetooth packed in and needed upgrading or something. The wife also had a nasty experience and after that refused to drive it. If the car had a torque convertor gearbox or a proper automatic gearbox we would still be enjoying the vehicle however a vehicle that endangers your life needs to be take off the road.

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