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Full Version: Best Way To Test The Heated Windscreen?
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Well I went out to a frozen windscreen this morning, and found that it was only heating the passenger side! since it was frozen the passenger side melted and the driver side didnt!

I cant exactly refreeze the windscreen, so if I swap the fuses over, how can I check that the fault follws the fuse or stays as it is? Ford will repair it under warranty since they replaced it less than 6 months ago, so I dont want to rip too much apart!

Whats the best way to test it?
cup of hot coffee sitting on the dash ?
The contacts for the heated windscreen might need replacing. Get ford to check it if still under warranty.
a multimenter, when switched on across one then the other...check your voltages but i bet its as H3lly says. or if not under warrenty find someone real handy with a soldering iron if contacts.

but iirc i read about this once, apparently the mk1 has 2 fuses and the mk1 has 1 fuse.
hmm, well phoned Ford and the windscreen is still under warranty :D as they replaced it less than 6 months ago after my accident, they are replacing it without question or hassle! excellent! now lets just hope it is the windscreen and not the fuse - or either way, I dont care I get a new windscreen free lol :P

Also John, at which point should I be touching the contacts? is that not the seal at the bottom of the window and for reference how would you reseal it?
its how i was told to test the windscreen, never done it personally lol i would of thought you can get hold of window sealant from diy stores and or the likes of halfords.
Yeah, if it wasnt for the warranty I probably would do that anyway, but since it is! I may as well get the job done properly by a pro!
thats it like...if you have warrenty, find something to try and get your monies worth lol i personally suffer from my warranty runs out, car breaks! or if it does break its not covered! lol
Yeah roll on affording a kia with a shiny 7 year warranty B)

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