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Full Version: Escort Problem
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Hi, first of all hello to the forums, this is my first post.

Ive recently got my first car which is a ford escort, its a nice car to drive but I have a problem I cannot get to the bottom of.

First of all its a 1996 1.6 16v zetec 76,000 miles.

Fuel pump desnt turn off with ignition on, this isnt my main problem but is a concern to me as that means it maye be in limited operation strategy. Not sure though as it seems to drive ok and ive read it limits you to 35mph which my car isnt doing, could this just be a stuck relay?

Basically the main problem only happens when i leave work, there is a tight S bend on the way out and when braking i press in the clutch to go round the corner the car stalls. To get it to restart I have to use the throttle (not sure if that is of any significance). It only occurs here, any other driving is fine.

This is quite a concern to me, it only happens where mentioned but im worried this may get worse.

MASS air sensor has been replaced, idle control valve cleaned out (and this was pretty dirty).

When at a stand still using the power steering drops the idle but the car brings it back up so i assuming the power steering pressure switch is ok.

As its happening when I leave work im guessing maybe something to do with the car not fully warmed up?

Does anyone know what may be wrong or what is causing this? any answers appreciated, ;)
just an update i let the car war up for 5mins today before driving off. and the stall didnt occur!

It was by no way hot but it seemed to make the difference.

I dont really want to have to warm the car for 5 mins everyday, could this be a symptom of a faulty engine coolant sensor?

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