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Full Version: Usb Crashes
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Hello all, I'm a new member so I hope you can help me.

I've got a Ford Fiesta econetic with the USB port as part of the audio system. The whole thing has just crashed and now when I plug my USB stick in the screen is stuck on the name of the last song I was playing. The buttons work with the exception of the back button (so I can't access the directory tree of the device) and the FF/RW buttons. It's the second time it has done this, the first time I took it back to Ford who repaired it. I'd like to be able to fix it myself to save taking it back again, if it's only a temporary fault and nothing serious.

Hope you can help!
I'd give resetting by pulling the fuse (audio or handsfree) a try.
Hi, it didn't seem to do anything except reset the avg/mpg reading on the dash.....
I thought I might add that the bluetooth stopped working as well (before i pulled the fuses). It keeps saying "activation failed" when I try and connect to a phone. All replies greatfully received!

I renamed the file that had caused the crash. When I plugged it back into the USB port the audio system reset itself and went back to the first track and began playing. As for the bluetooth, find the correct fuse and pull it out. It needs to be removed for at least 5 seconds, until the screen goes blank. I'd tell you what fuse it was but there isn't anypoint, it was different than in the manual and to other advice given on the forum. All I can say is it should be a 7.5amp fuse so pull them all out one at a time.
I have similar problems when using shuffle on the usb stick, i find that if it stops working inserting a different USB stick fixes it, for most people this isn't any good as you need to have another stick but i always carry one on my keys for work so its not too much of a hassle.

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