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Full Version: Ford Focus Ecu
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hiy everyone dont no if this is the place for this but i hope sombody can help someone stole my ecu from under the car a couple days ago so im looking for a new one or a good second hand one ive got a 2007 focus 1.8 petrol and have been to ford who advised me that part number for unit i need is 7u71-12a650-ca with engine code being qqdb if enyone can help would be very gratful as i want to keep car and i dont want to go through insurance any help would be apreciated gringo 156
Consider your local scrappy, although the car is "too new" to end up there you do get the odd few that are written off for something or other. I cant remember if the ECU is specific to the engine, or if its a general ECU, even then I think if you were to get one second hand, maybe Ford could re-program it for less?
just found one but i think guy is taking the biscut a bit 240 pound not far of what ford are charging for a new one but cause i havent got my old unit ford want an extra 75 pound i dont no seems a lot of hassle for such a small part lol
hmmm, I dont know why they want the extra 75 but I would get in writing the reason why.

as for the cost, you may as well buy it from Ford, for a brand new and guaranteed part!

The problem is its a small part, but its the entire brain of the computer, and brain surgery is a very expensive procedure!!

unfortunately that might be the cheapest you get!
how ford works it is if i buy theres i pay a total of 398.33. but they will give me back 75 pound of that if i give them my old unit. crazy i no but i havent got it lol. 400 quid just a kick in teeth. plus i no ill have to pay around 400 to get the new one coded to the car as been tuthrough this before a few years back promised myself i wouldnt go through that agin lol and hear we are guess been trying all ways to find a replacment without all the cost ill keep trying a bit longer see what comes up but i suppose its give me a bit of knolege around this area and anyone on hear have the same problem i can advise them lol ill keep in touch and let you no how getting on

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