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Full Version: Fiesta 1.4 Duratec Misfire
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Hi everyone.
i'm new to this forum and hope you good people can help.
I've just bought a mk6 1.4 and it some times only runs on 3 from start up.
As soon as i blip the gas this clears but it still has a bit of a lumpy idle
and sometimes you have to spin it over a bit before it will start but other times
it fires up fine.
I'changed plugs,leads,coil pack and it is still the same.
Had a code reader on it today and it said there was a missfire on no2 which i could see by
the colour of the old plugs and a fault code po460 (fuel level sensor wiring fault)although the gauge works fine.
Apart from this the car drives fine and i'm very pleased with it.
Any suggestions ?. thanks in advance chris.
The misfire wont help, but at the same time if there is a misread coming from the fuel tank then the ECU probably wont be delivering fuel correctly.

Has the misfire occurred since you have changed everything over? it could be you need to replace the FSU (Fuel Sender Unit) or the wiring to it. I think with the focus you lift the rear seats and you can see the fuel tank with a gasket on it, if you remove that gasket then you get to the FSU.

If there is a wiring fault, it could be shorting out and causing the ECU to lose it!

My only suggestion would be to get it checked by an auto electrician, but before that you could really do with clearing down the DTC Codes, so you can tell if its a new fault, or if its remembering too much of the past!


Thanks for the reply guys.
First of all i had the miss before i changed coil pack,leads,plugs.
when i removed plugs numbers 1,3,4 were a good colour but number 2 was black.
have cleared fault codes on ecu.
The car has done 95k


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