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Full Version: Bald Tyres
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was wonderin if someone cold tell me wat they think. The inside of my rear tyres are slightly bald it went through mot ok but was told it could be the bearings or the wishbones which are hammered, or is it that i just need my wheels alinged also when turning left at a low speed i hear a rubbing coming from the front of the car 2 mecanics have looked but couldnt find anything. so does anyone have any suggestions or ideas wat could be causin these problems.

It could be that the wheels need re-aligning but it depends on the age of the car as to how likely the wishbones or bearings are to have gone. Start off with an alignment, they are the cheapest diagnosis, as most tyre shops will do a check for free and then fix for a small fee.

overall I dont know which is cheaper, the wishbones or the bearings so hopefully a greater source of wisdom will advise that.

As for the rubbing sound on the front, I had this and I was quite perplexed. it took me a few weeks to work out that when turning, the wheel was brushing against the mud flaps. simple fix - remove mud flaps - jobs a good 'un! so check that its not something as silly as that.
i don't think this sounds like a bearing issue, when wheel bearings are worn the make rumbling noises - also excess movement will fail an mot.

It does sound like something is bent on the rear axle.

I would try and get a 4 wheel allignment done and see what it out from there. the rear axle on the focus is adjustable but i can put money on the bolts being seized into the bushes and therefor adjustment is impossible.

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