Hi everyone! Oooh first proper post.. scary stuff.

I'm thinking of doing my fiesta up slowly over the next couple of years or so and one big thing I want to do to it is add these type of lights:

[url="http://www.modifiedcars.com/cars/29762/modified-ford-fiesta-1.25-zetec-2001-pictures/136066"]Modified Fiesta with R8 lights[/url]

(Doesn't that car look a total beaut?!?!)

I was just wondering if anyone knows where I can get lights just like these, fairly cheaply. Of course I'd want matching back ones too, so to buy as a whole set would be great.
I'm not too bothered if they're second hand, to be honest - as long as they're in mint, brand new like condition. If they're second hand and in a fresh condition I'll probably save more pennies to spend on other areas on my car, so that's a bonus. I'm just not sure where to look for both second hand and brand new!

The description says they are R8 lights, which I'm sure are supposed to go into an audi, but maybe I'm being dumb...

Any suggestions, advice or helpful links is greatly appreciated! :)