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Full Version: Accessing Phonebook Contacts Via Bluetooth
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I have a 2010 Fiesta Titanium, but I guess my question applies to other vehicles with the same or a similar Ford audio system.

I am able to Sync mobile telephones with the car via Bluetooth without difficulty and the call functions seem to work smoothly.

My question is this: is there a system for quickly accessing a given contact in the phonebook?
Simply scolling down (or up) the entries one by one is plainly unsatisfactory as it is too slow and therefore a distraction.

Press and hold speeds up the scrolling through the list. You can also assign voice tags for some contacts/numbers.
Thanks tomtom70,
the manual says (albeit rather confusingly):

"Note: You can also use the telephone keypad to select the first letter of the entry you are looking for. Press the relevant number that corresponds to the letter repeatedly until the required letter is displayed." (manual p 180).

Only trouble is that this does not work, unless there is some command I am failing to give.
When I have the phonebook function activated, the keypad either does nothing at all or continues to pilot the radio, if the radio is playing at the time.

I wonder if this could be Symbian-related (my phone is a Nokia 5800)

The 'fast scrolling' feature (i.e. long press on the up/down arrows is not, in truth, all that fast).

My options seem to be:
- learn to use the voice command dialing
- cheat in the organisation of my telephone contact lists (01Tom, 02Dick, 03Harry) a solution which I find most unsatisfactory

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