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Full Version: Loss Of All Electrics And Clicking From Glove Box
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Hello all,

I have a Focus 2.0 Titanium (petrol) 55 Plate,and yesterday for no obvious reason it wouldn't start, after having been used a couple of times that day without a problem.

It didn't even turn over, but just made a clicking noise from the engine and had an error message "speed reducing" (despite being stationery, funnily enough!) and then "Engine Systems Fault". I tried it a few times and then left it - all electrics worked at this stage.

I went to try the spare key this morning and at first the electrics came on and the same thing happened, but now as soon as the key is half tuned, there is a clicking noise from the glove box, nothing at all the from the engine and more worryingly, i can't even lock it!

Does anyone have any ideas on at least how i can get the central locking working again, and any ideas on what might be the problem?
Check all the connections on the fuseboard underneath the glovebox, if any of the looms / relays are loose then that would explain your error.

otherwise with the EML light on, it could be something a little worse, but unplug and replace all connections to be sure they are static. Unfortunately, Fords engineers worked a late night under the influence when they designed the current location of the fuseboard. all it takes is the passenger kicking the underside of the glove box and they can affect the fuse board.
Thanks, but sadly i had tried that this morning before posting and it's still as dead as a door knob.

Have had to disconnect the battery as the alarm started going off continuously - manual door locks work fine so will have to wait and see if garage can diagnose it tomorrow.
Please dont shoot the mesanger but it sounds like your battery has jossed it, and they do just like that. fit a new battery.
Regards Brian
[quote name='ToolBox' timestamp='1300644019' post='119270']
Please dont shoot the mesanger but it sounds like your battery has jossed it, and they do just like that. fit a new battery.
Regards Brian
That was my thought to. They sometimes just give up with no previous indication of a problem.
Thanks again, but we had tried jumping it as well, and absolutley no signs of life.
When my battery went, jumping it made absolutely no difference. I had my father in law revving his engine for a good 5 minutes whilst connected and then I tried to start mine. The lights flickered a tiny bit, and then just no life...

Can you do the dashboard trick and see if there is anything in the DTC? the fact that the battery is 5 years old that does show that it could well be stuffed!
Happy days - stuck a new battery on and bingo, we have a fully working Focus!!

Strangely, when we tested the old one at my dads mates garage, it wasn't completely dead, so not sure why there was so little life, but fingers crossed it was only the battery!

Thanks for the posts.
Good old batteries... the most essential part of the car, yet the biggest sod to diagnose!!! I can only liken it to a small child - they will smash their mothers favourite (most expensive) vase on the floor, and when confronted, will blame it on the 6 week old baby in the pram! with the utmost adament behaviour that its not them and if it wasnt the baby it must have been the dog, or the goldfish! and sometimes it does a very good job of persuading you! lol

Strange analagy - I know!

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