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Full Version: Engine Noise And Squeaky Clutch
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I have a Mondeo 2002 02 plate 130 Zetec TDCi Diesel.
Have noticed that i have an engine noise that is noticable after the car starts and the revs drop to idle and also when you push the clutch pedal only a little you get a squeak/whistle and the further u press the louder the noise becomes.
The car drives fine and gear changing is smooth.
Sounds like a release bearing problem in the clutch.
flying clutchman
You don't say what mileage you've done but the noise after starting sounds like the DMF which would also contribute to the noise when pressing the clutch. Either way the answer is going to be new clutch and DMF.
you could have two separate issues, the whistle does sound like its the release bearing thats worn,but the enging noise at idle may br the aux belt,is it like a drumming noise thats disappears at 1000 rpm?
I had/have the same problem with clutch noise as you.
Talk to a Ford man near me and he said live with it till you need to change the DMF, clutch and bearing, it still works, sound has eased with time, the only problem has been a starter motor falier due to the fine metal dust from the DMF. Had that rebuilt at a place in Harlow, no garuntee on the starter because I was not replacing the DMF.
flying clutchman
Once you start clogging up the starter with filings you've got to the point when you should change your DMF. The starter will clog again quite rapidly, and there's a danger bits of the DMF can break out and smash through the gearbox. I've seen this happen on an 80k miles Golf.
If the squeak/whistle disappears when you push the clutch in all the way, then it's definitely the clutch release bearing. As for the other noise, it could well be either the auxiliary belt (squealing when cold, louder when pulling away, quieter when warmed up) or the flywheel (never heard of 'DMF' before but probably means dual-mass flywheel). As what others have said, change the flywheel soon before it writes off the starter motor. Hope this helps!

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