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Full Version: Bg 244 Diesel Fuel System Cleaner
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Hi Guys

Im thinking of buying a tin of BG 244 diesel fuel system cleaner as it boasts to be the very best available on the market today, and completely removes any trace of carbon build up throughout the combustion process on any component involved and will restore the engine as if was brand new, has anyone used this stuff or even heard of it ?
As Mrs Merton [Caroline Aherne]once asked Debbie McGee in a spoof interview on her TV show .........."What was it that first attracted you to the [b]millionaire[/b] magician Paul Daniels" :D

Could not resist that, but on a serious note I had not got a clue. But you do right to ask around, as any company will tell you anything that is needed to convince you to either buy their product or use their services.

Found this via Google [url=""]Fuel Tech Experts test BG244[/url]

For those who are interested in the cost [url=""]View it Here[/url]

I suppose not being a roll up your sleeves job or mind boggling expensive, it may well be worth a punt. I mean at fuel the price it is, and accepting a user comment at face value, a 5 mpg increase in fuel economy is not to be sniffed at.................I might even give it a go myself :rolleyes:
Well there you go, I've just gone and bought a tin [petrol treatment] :D

My motor is 5 years and 5 months old, having covered 39,700 miles. So I thought a good clean of the fuelling system components could do no harm.

So I then decided to do the maths, to look at the financial aspect of the exercise.

On brimmed fuel tank checking I'm returning 32.84 mpg per annum on last years mileage of 5,676 ending 22nd October 09. Since that date, I'm doing mostly urban driving [no holiday touring belting down motorways as yet] and I've returned 31.39 mpg over the 1,259 miles since covered.

Now a petrol using reviewer on the website indicated he was getting an improved mpg of 4.61%. So leaving aside any increase in performance or smoothness I may get. And just applying the same 4.61% improvement to my mpg [1.51 mpg] it would result in a saving of £46 in fuel costs per annum. So at £23.00 delivered, its a self financing improvement in engine efficiency, and the remaining £23 saving might just buy the oil for my next service :)

EDIT: Just looked on Halfords website and the 5lt of oil I bought for £22 last October is £29 now.That's a 31.82% increase, bloody oil speculators :angry:
Hi catch

Firstly ......... lol i have seen that spoof interview haha.

I too did a bit of reasearch on this stuff and i couldnt find one single bad review or down side anywhere, so tomorrow im going to buy a tin from ebay :) let me know how you get on when you have used it and i will do the same.

I never thought of looking for it on can get it £4 cheaper delivered on there. :angry:....I'm slipping, it must be my age :rolleyes:

Anyway it arrived this morning, a ring pull can with a cardboard funnel to aid pouring it into the tank. Don't know when I'm likely to use it as I have well over half a tank of fuel, so no need to put more pain on the old credit card this month. As this week I've got to fork out for the car insurance, TV Licence, and balance of a holiday let.

Besides Mark, don't hold your breath for my results, as a full tank normally lasts us a month, and we or off to Turkey in among...............
heyyy catch

lol........ ebay is great for this sort of thing and always worth a look :) i use a full tank in a week and a half so i will let u know if its worth the quite heafty price tag, im expexting it to arrive hopefully in the morning and its going straight in.

Enjoy your holiday mate, will keep you posted.
heyyyyy catch

I have had BG244 in the tank for three days now and i can defo say its worth every penny and does what the tin says, my car runs smoother starts better and the engine note is considerably quieter. Im well pleased with this product and will be using it once a year from now on :) lets hope you get similar results, i don't see why not and im sure you will be glad you bought a tin. Let me know what you think its a big thumbs up for me.
Do you have shares in BG244? ;)

It sounds like it's a decent product. Do you have a link to the eBay store that you bought it from?
lol shares

Heres the link:

Is your car petrol or diesel ?

If its petrol you will need BG44

Actually i do sound like a BG rep lol, you never know i might get a job out of this haha.
[quote name='mross' timestamp='1301406800' post='120611']
heyyyyy catch

I have had BG244 in the tank for three days now and i can defo say its worth every penny and does what the tin says, my car runs smoother starts better and the engine note is considerably quieter. Im well pleased with this product and will be using it once a year from now on :) lets hope you get similar results, i don't see why not and im sure you will be glad you bought a tin. Let me know what you think its a big thumbs up for me.

That's impressive, we will have to see how the petrol one works in my car, it's good when you shell out dosh and see a result. But either way, with the car being 5.5 years old, I reckon it will do it no harm to give the injectors a good clean out. I've still just short of half a tank left, so it looks like it will be around the 8th April before I give it the treatment. Got some family up from London on the 16th for a few days. So I'll be taking them on trips up the Glorious Yorkshire Dales, so with five on board it will be put through it's paces, we have some fair hill climbs in them there Dales. :D

Paramaniac next day delivery from [url=""]This Firm[/url]£23 inclusive of postage, but I saw it on Ebay for £19 last week, but not when I looked just now ..£23.50 delivered.
Thanks Catch & Mross. Just so happens I'm off to the Dales this weekend. There's a fantastic B&B we're staying at in Hawes, not cheap but great if you want to treat yourself: [url=""][/url]
Had it in my motor for eleven days and 140 miles now, running fine but it was running fine before I used it. I could say it feels a bit perkier, but I may just be imagining that because I have a positive view of the product. I mean I must have because I splashed out £23 on the product. :rolleyes:

I just thought if it does what it says it does, which is backed up by independent testing. Totally cleaning the fuelling system back to how it was when new, 40K and five and a half years ago. Then it has got to more than pay for it's self in better fuel economy with cleaner fuel injectors, and hence better fuel delivery. I mean fuel at the price it is right now, any improvement in mpg has got to be a good thing, but only time will tell on that score.
In a similar vein, I put some Redex in my (petrol) car over two tankfuls of Shell fuel. According to the onboard computer I am getting better mpg but that's probably due to warmer weather and longer trips of late. The car does feel nipper but as I keep testing how nippier it is its not doing my fuel consumption much good.
The Redex cost me £4.49, I think.

Just brimmed the tank again, and the result this time around was that I got 33.36 mpg out of it. The brim before that returned 26.39 mpg. Now I'm not saying it is all down to the fuel system cleaner doing its job. Because I have done a lot more country road driving, and only yesterday I did four six mile trips down the M65. The next brim will be more telling mpg wise as I'll be back to my normal driving with that.
Another interesting thread. Keep the updates coming in if you can. Think i'll bookmark the seller a grab a tin in due course. :D

Going slightly off topic here, but sort of revelant being a additive.

Not sure if there is a thread in regards to Oil Additives but i've heard some good opinions about Greased Lighting and the tests they show on Ideal World were impressive. [size="1"]Rotating metal part spinning through oil and another metal piece pressured contact with a pressure meter attached so basically metal on metal with just oil as lube - can't remember the actual results but at a certain presure it made the horrid metal on metal sound - same test with oil with greased lighting and the pressure levels were at least 2 or 3 time more.[/size] Sure this must help with reducing wear on the engine.

Its instant engine as seen here - used it myself, obviously its not results like the Fuel stuff this thread is about but sounds good anyhow. Sure if your interested you might be able to find a test video online somewhere. THIS IS ONLY A SUGGESTION THOUGH.

For a product that i would endorse myself which is from the same company is called Spray & Shine (edit now called showroom shine) This is waterless clean and wax product and it is amazing - best car cleaning product i have ever used. First time i used it was on the wifes banger as you are worried it will scratch and stuff - i mean all you do is spray and wipe with a micro fibre cloth!! - but i need not be. Areas with grit and salt weren't scratch or anything - great results with little effort and the water beading is just as if you spent the afternoon waxing it - cracking product which i would recommend.

Mods - if links are not ok please remove.

Edit - seems i went off topic threre - sorry about that!!
Good as it may be putting solvents into your engine cannot be good long term surely. its like if you use easy start too much which is a cocktail of ether and solvents your engine gets addicted to it and wont start without it, surely the same applies to fuel additives which are made of mainly solvents with some of the better ones may have other ingredients, they will have a lubricant because the solvents probably strip upper cylinder lubrication which will need replacing. additives like this all say not to use them continuously so the effects are short term.

Try Magic Bullet they now have a Car treatment available it used to be only for motorcycles and any biker who has tried it will tell you just how good it is, its different in it has no solvents and can be used continuously. It treats the fuel not adds to it so is a fuel treatment not an is used by many motorcycle racing teams and is starting to be used in car racing fuel by some teams.
you can get it on ebay & there is more info on it here [url=""]Magic Bullet[/url]
Thanks for the recommendation mate,
I was always a fan of STP or Redex Iíve saved your link to my favourites bar to purchase in a couple of weeks,
glad Iíve read this post prior to treating my focus for the first time, I would have purchased Redex,
I think one of the super moderators should give you a club contributors star for that engine saving recommendation <BR style="mso-special-character: line-break">

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