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Full Version: Known Mk2/2.5 Faults/problems
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This forum is a great place to get help and advice on your Focus and to share your experiences. However a lot of the same faults and problems are being discussed in various topics. Some of these faults have been fixed/solved but the topics are lost as new topics are created.

My idea is to evolve this topic into a list of known faults/problems that real Focus owners have had with their vehicles, what the symptoms were, whether the fault/problem was solved and how.

Please try to keep your replies short and sweet, something like:
[*]Trim/engine/age of vehicle
[*]Description of fault/problem
[*]How you fixed/solved the fault/problem
[*]Who did the work: independent garage, main dealer, a mate?

I will go first :)
My old car was a 2005 1.8 TDCI Zetec Climate and had the following problems:

* Intermittent power steering failure, showed error on dashboard computer and on starting the engine the steering was not power assisted at all.
Turned out to be the electric power steering fluid pump, got this replaced and the fault was gone.
Got a 2nd hand pump from ebay for £150 and got it fitted by a friend for £50. Ford dealer quoted £600.

* Manual boot switch to open boot did not work. Had to use the boot unlock button on the key fob all the time.
The electrical switch and rubber/plastic housing were letting water get in and had knackered the switch.
I bought a new switch from [url=""]ebay[/url] for about £25 and replaced it myself.
See related post: [url=""]click here[/url].

* On startup the glowplug and max rpm lights on the dashboard stayed on and the dials did not activate for 15 secs.
Turned out to be a blown fuse in the fusebox in the passenger footwell.
See related post: [url=""]click here[/url].

* On startup there was a lot of blue smoke coming from the exhaust, this cleared after a couple of minutes of driving.
Ford dealer reckoned it was the injectors that needed replacing. I tried some diesel engine/injector cleaner additive which didn't seem to have much effect.
Problem never solved.
* Noisy rear on focus, MK2.5 2009 1.6 TDCI
Turns out to be a gap above the rear wheel arch which can be filled with silicon or other suitable substance.
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* Squeaky ticking/knocking/metallic sounds from engine area when cold, goes away when engine warm, MK2.5 2009 1.8 petrol
It may be the drive belt which needs replacing.
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Great idea, lets keep the chatter short and sweet. Here's one from me.

LX / 1.4 petrol / 2001
Power surging effect in low revs, mainly second gear, whilst coming to a stop or cornering.
Renewed fuel filter and clean or replace TPS (trottle position sensor).
I done the work myself after doing a bit of research on youtube and haynes manual.
It cost 12 for the fuel filter and 8 for a can of electrical contact spray.
Leave about 30 minutes to do the fuel filter due to it's awkward location. The TPS takes about 15 minutes to unscrew, clean and bolt back on.
24k miles on an 09 plate and not a single problem. Not even a bulb.
Had a jurking shuddering on my 1.8 tdci when I first brought it , after some investigation found out to be the egr valve clogged up, brought a tin of wynns egr cleaner sprayed it in done the job, just gonna do it every year now on the service time.
2005 2.0TDCI FORD FOCUS TITANIUM SALOON. Bought september 2010 with 88k on the clock. Have now done 95k since september.

As a safty precaution i got the CAM belt and water pump changed by Ford for just under £500.

Car sometimes wouldnt pick up revs after starting...Called AA out and said that i suspected it was a stuck EGR valve....AA man confirmed that it definatly was that. So got Ford to put a new EGR in which cost £419 in total.

Boot loom wiring is faulty. I have now once and for all resolved this issue....i ordered a new boot wiring loom from Ford for £36, took the old one out and put the new in.....thats all it fine now. when i had a good look at old wires two had worn right through and the others were very fraid (hence the intermittent working)...i guess cos of where the boot had been used a lot by the previous owner. the lock itself was fine. so anyone who has a similer issue, check the wiring loom! especially if you have a mk2 Saloon.
MK2 Focus - (without Fix) no specific year - Rusting around the wheel arch and lower sills.

For Fix - put a bit of plastic around the underside of car and that should stop it.

Focus 2005 - Water Pump fails long before its life expectancy - faulty part - no recall - 300+ to resolve...
This is really handy as I'm picking up a Focus TDCI MK2 this week. Nice one :)
MK1 - MK1.5 Focus
Wipers do not return to parked position on one-wipe function
* Wiper relays need replacing

See: [url=""][/url]
Most Focuses- Bonnet catch becomes stiff and sometimes rusts meaning bonnet can not be opened. Make sure catch mechanism is thoroughly greased all over area.
Brand new MK2.5 focus rusting above inner boot pannel, yours will too as its a fault in manufacture from the MK2 2005 to MK2.5 2010 check the link below.
List of known faults on early marks of Focus: [url=""]click here[/url].
MK2, MK2.5 Focus
* There is a "clunk" noise from underneath the car once the engine is started and speed reaches around 12-15mph.
* Apparently this is the ABS performing a test and is completely normal
* See thread: [url=""][/url]
[quote name='Lenny' timestamp='1303153121' post='123421']
Brand new MK3 focus rusting above inner boot pannel, yours will too as its a fault in manufacture from the MK2 2005 to MK3 2010 check the link below.

Huh, what, on the Mk3? You're getting your Mk's mixed up :rolleyes: Mk3's most definately came out in 2011 and are not the same as yours..

Brand new MK2.5 focus rusting above inner boot pannel, yours will too as its a fault in manufacture from the MK2 2005 to MK2.5 2010 check the link below.

Where is the link gone?

Lenny removed all his links from posts when he withdrew from being a Ford owner and Moderator.
They are still available via His profile.

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