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Full Version: Bluetooth Handsfree
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Hi, I have had my KA titanium (2011) for two days. It has the bluetooth handsfree option which is all paired and working ok but there is just one problem. I cannot find anywhere in the manual or the internet that tells you how to answer a call or cut off a call (if it goes to voicemail and you dont want to leave a message for example). We have tried everything from pressing all the different buttons available and making various voice commands. We went to a Ford dealer who also seemed to lack the know how... which didnt surprise me as they seem to know very little about the controls on the KA which I first found out when trying to connect the iphone to the stereo system to play music...

So, is there anyone out there who has the answer? The button with the voice symbol on seemed the obvious choice but that doesnt do it.. HELP


Sounds Daft but if you get no luck go to see a fiat dealer. As you prob know the ka and fiat 500 are basically the same car and the Bluetooth is the fiat system not the ford one. So fiat may be your best bet. You should have a button on the side of the steering wheel to cancell the call
Hi, Thanks for that, will look up fiats now and see what I find. No buttons on the steering wheel manage to cancel or answer a call and there were no instructions in the manual which tells you the voice commands or how to use that system at all. Rubbish really..

thanks for your reply

I have emailed both fiat and ford, let's see who gets back to me first or with a decent response!!!
i thought that the function button - is it 4 - did that... it looks like the button with a line on it under the main keypad

my manual talks about ending calls etc
we have tried every button and different voice commands but nothing does it! Fords just havent got a clue. They called me today to see how I am getting on with the KA and when I told them (again) of the relatively simple problems they just could not give a straight answer. The guy I spoke to insisted that the stereo system is the same as the Fiesta but I have seen a lot of posts that say otherwise... Will I ever get to the bottom of this? And are Fiat stereo systems the same as these or not? Fords say they are not and it is all Ford componants. I'm gritting my teeth now as it's getting rather annoying!!! Is it just compatibility problems? And does anyone know if the fiats answer to the solution of the iphone usb incompatibility - the blue&me dongle - would work with the KA? It seems like a good idea, Fiat know about the problems so why don't ford.. aaaarrrrggghhh
ps.. neither ford or fiat have replied to my emails yet
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ps.. neither ford or fiat have replied to my emails yet

Have you found it yet? I work at a Ford dealership so maybe I can help. To end the call, you have to press the bottom button on the right hand side and hold it down til the call disconnects. Its the button that says menu on it.

Hope this helps
This seems really petty but I have my new Ka on order.

On my test drive, I noticed there was a slot near the AUX point possibly for a mp3 player, I was curious how big it was because I don't think I'll be able to put my iPhone in there whilst it is plugged in to play music. Will it fit?

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