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Full Version: Best Iphone Free App
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guys first post but would like to kick off by asking what everyone thinks is their best free iphone app?
Interesting first post, most people introduce themselves first...

But i like RedLaser and Various shopping ones :)
App I like the best is a game called Iassociate 2 which is pretty fun. Other than that I think the Iphone is pretty fail compared to what else is out on the market. My next phone will be either Android or Windows based.
The Black ST3
angry birds is the best ever then tiny wings
angry birds ! x
mr pompey
look up zedge,

lots of free ring tones and txt alerts, and wallpapers
angry birds !
the best app is rat on a skateboard
Angry birds is great but it isn't free on the iPhone is it? on android both Angry birds and Angry birds Rio are free. Still neither on blackberry though :(

There are some very nice free education apps for the iPhone (I work in eLearning at a college), things like some of the quizzes are good but very subject specific (Bones lite I think its called is a anatomy one but good fun). otherwise free and good is a bit limited on the iPhone.

Fun stuff/useful stuff wise, shazam has got to be at the top of the useful list. I love it! suddenly I don't have a song stuck in my head after only hearing it once and not catching the name of it! its fab :)

Around me app, cool shows shops and stuff around where ever you are.... usefull for garages, shops etc etc

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