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Full Version: New Axa Insurance Advert
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Hi Guys,

Thought I would vent a little at this stupid advert...

"You wouldnt behave like this on foot, so why would you behave like this on the road...?"

Im sorry, but if someone walked in front of me, and stopeed abruptly, either causing me to walk into them, or have to stop, I would say "Excuse Me?" - the equivelant of flashing my lights or honking the horn. If they want to stand up and argue with me that they were well within there rights, and decide to p*ss about then you will stand up and tell them straight that you think there a moron, and if they start a fist fight, then you arent going to just stand there are you???

Stupid Adverts, made by people who dont think, and if anyone in this forum was anything to do with the advert - Its a stupid advert! lol
i honestly thought nothing of it...

The adverts that annoy me are:
Butlins/Haven (one of them), with the Pedo dinosaur in it!
Lor'eil ones with "because your worth it"


any other advert that makes me realise ive been ripped off... i.e. Sky deals, Phone deals blah blah

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