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Full Version: Oups :(
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Hi all

I have to hang my head in shame for this one.

I managed to do [i]something[/i] to the ABS on my focus....It all started by trying to drill out the earth bolt that 'snapped' (tried vise grips on the other end of the bolt but it snapped too :angry: ) As I was tring to drill out the bolt, the chuck somehow managed to rub against a [color="#FF0000"]red[/color] wire (to a multi plug) and bare it back enough to short it out against the chuck (reminded me of Nov 5th) so I thought I had better make sure everything was ok.... However the ABS light and the [b](!)[/b] light has been on ever since :( I have tried disconnecting the battery which I should have done in the first place but its made no diffrence, also checked the fuse and tried starting with the fuse removed but still no joy...

Im now thinking I have fried a sensor or 2 :o

I just cant see how the fuse didn't blow?? :unsure:

Also I noticed the brakes on the driver side seem to be working better than the passenger side.... after the car skidded off to the right this morning, I have confirmed this by checking the amount of heat from the brakes.

Anyone got any ideas to what could be wrong with my ABS? MOT is due on the 11th :o
Hmmmm that's a nasty one, yea you could of damaged a sensor or even a relay, I presume you have totally fixed the damaged cable ie no inner wire showing anymore?
Yea I should have said, I carefully covered over the red wire with red insulating tape then taped up all the wires with black insulating tape so its safe an looks fine
Had a look at the pads, out of intrest. I fitted them over a year ago and they aren't even half way yet. Abs wires look fine, nothing obvious. :huh: :( :( booked in to the local tried and trusted garage on Tuesday...

Watch this space
Got it sorted out, Turned out there is another ABS fuse that had blown, could have been worse I suppose.

Car has passed also passed MOT :D
Good news, well done

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