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Full Version: Please Help My Gti Has Got A Problem
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my escort gti pinks all the time also revs high n seems to be runing rich and is sounding a bit throughty its got slugish in low revs but at 3000rpm it seems ok apart from pinking.. every now n then itl mis fire very bad n the revs go up and down it also intrmitently stalls then wont start unless its bump started please help as iv been to loadsa garages n they all say dif things n never actualy solve the problem
Could be a lambda sensor problem causing the poor running.

As for the idle problem it could be the ICV (Idle Control Valve) needing cleaning/replacing. Try the MAF (Mass Air Flow) too.

Start the car and leave it idling
Unplug the MAF and see what happens
If it dies and stalls the MAF is ok
If there is no difference the MAF could be faulty.
maf is ok it dosent conk out but runs ruff wen un pluged... lambda senser is on the cat isnt it or is it on downpipe.. cud it b the cat its self? n thanx^^
Cat could be at fault. Although when they usually break down they block and the car struggles to rev past 3000rpm. I think on yours the cat is in the downpipe.

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