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Full Version: What Do You Think Of The Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec Climate Auto?
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Hi can anyone help me! i am concidering buying a ford focus zetec 1.6 (climate pack)
its a automatic so was just wondering what everyone thinks about automatics?also how the fuel comsumption is and road tax??
i have been driving my ford ka for 7 years (first car) time for a change and somthing a bit bigger and faster!!
thanks!! B)
The focus is a cool car I love mine, the zetec has harder suspension so it will stick to the road well, as for an auto been driving myself for 18 years and never had an auto so can't really answer that question, would of thought an auto is a bit boring myself.
yes thats what i thought!! ha ha!
but its a good deal i think 50,000 on the clock 2006 3800
Hi, my friend has an auto focus and I've just purchased the auto fiesta which I think might have the same 4 speed transmission as the focus - definatly the same gear selector anyway lol.

Before buying people "warned" me it would be boring, and I can see why some may think that, but I think of it as more relaxed. I wouldn't go back to a manual now and neither would my friend. Its great around the city and pulls away like a little rocket (both mine and my mates focus). The ride is so smooth too - not just at gear changes, when accelerating and braking too - my passengers have commented on the smoothness compared to manuals (although thats obviously sometimes down to the driver).
The 4 speed doesn't give as good mpg as the manual versions but I managed to get 47mpg on a recent journey which isn't bad (mind the fiesta is a smaller car), still worth it for not having a clutch and gears in rush hour :P

Can't you take it for a test drive first to see what you think?
To summarise, I'm totally sold on autos and the people I know with automatic transmissions wouldn't go back now either. I can't wait for the new 6 speed Powershift on the new focus.

Keep us updated.... :)

If it is an auto, it has to have at least five gears. if not the mpg can be dreadful.
Some VW have got the DSG auto box with seven gears. The mpg is very good.
The current ford automatic gearbox (not the PowerShift) has 4 speeds, the 5th gear is reverse ;) lol

well this is true of the fiesta and focus anyway...

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