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Full Version: Indicator Not Cancelling - Please Help.
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I recently bought a 2001 Ford Focus 1.6 with the knowledge that the indicator switch wasn't automatically cancelling when exiting a turn. I assumed that it just needed the switch unit replacing.
I fitted a new switch but this did not resolve the problem.
On closer inspection, I found that there is a ring of plastic that goes around the steering column that looks like it should have some sort of raised portion on it to activate the indicator cancelling mechanism on the switch unit. This ring of plastic on my vehicle just shows a broken section where this raised portion should be.

How easy is this to replace, and any idea what it is called so that I can ask a supplier for the part. Also, is it just a small plastic ring, or is it part of a bigger part (I can't tell this without taking the whole steering column apart, I don't want ton do this til I have the part and am ready to do the work).
Any help would be much appreciated, including how to remove the steering wheel and do all the work necessary to get to this part.
Many thanks
the broken part is called a clockspring,this link may help.
Cheers, I'll check that out and see if I can do the work myself.

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