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Full Version: Aftermarket Reversing Easy??
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For the next few months I'm going to have to reverse tight up to another car on our drive... normally I have the whole drive to myself, so I can stop when I like :)

I'm thinking about fitting a set of the aftermarket reversing sensors that are pretty cheap on a well known internet auction site.

A. Has anyone bought any of these, and are they any good,
B. How easy are they to fit on a Mk2.5 Focus?


A= Yes
B= not to hard

You read my post [url=""](My link)[/url]

Any questions fire away

Thats excellent, thanks nyck
Dead easy, especially if you fit them on the black panel underneath the bumper as there is nothing behind it. There is also a handy gromit under the near side going into the area behind the side panel in the boot. So you can connect up to the power to the reversing light.
I'm looking to do this at the weekend.. I've found the cable that goes to the reversing light, and theres 2 wires, a black one and a green/orange striped one... can I asume the black is neg, and the striped is pos..?

I can't see an easy way of checking with a meter unless I strip one of the wires back...

Edit: ok, I googled it and found a mention somewhere else that it was the green/orange striped wire. Its all fitted now and working fine :D
ok quick question i checked your other thread (nyck) - good info there, cheers.

but on looking on where to place them. i found that on the rear bumper, on the inside there are 4 slots evenly spaced but go to the black peice (chrome if titanium) on the lower bumper. could they go there or would people say to ignore that and just go lower?

also im no good at matching colours, i have a moondust silver car, which of the three silver ones should i use of the sensors?

also i was about to say daryll, couldnt you disconnect the plug that goes to the reverse lamp and shove the multimeter spokes into the holes and measure the voltage if you get the prongs the way it would show -##VDC, correct way will show ##VDC...but thats teaching to suck eggs so i appologise on that front.

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