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Hi I've just had my car done with diamond bright as the whole company was having it done, it says on the box you never need to polish again, however I was just wondering was this diamondbright stuff ment to leave a glass like finish to the car and can I still wax my car if I wanted to now that I have had diamondbright done. And last but not least how do u achieve glass like finish

Diamondbrite is a sealant - and a relatively low tech one. Compared to some Nanotech or glass finish sealants, it's no more high tech than say Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection.

As a sealant, it's ok - and does the job. The longevity of the product is the biggest flaw - there is no way that any sealant can last the entire life of a vehicle, even with the 'conserver' products.

You then have the massive potential flaw of how it's applied. A sealant (or wax) is only as good as its preparation and application - if it's being applied by the 50p a car Saturday morning dealer employed teenager then chances are it'll be a complete waste of time.

If you enjoy waxing/polishing your car, then my honest advice is don't have diamondbrite applied - waxing over sealant is possible, but I would suggest it's a waste of product.

To get your glass finish - it's all in the preparation. Wash, clay, polish (preferably by dual action or rotary machine polisher), IPA wipedown, pre wax cleanser, wax or sealant, top coat spray wax or sealant. See the other detailing threads in this section for more info.
What would u surgest I do to clean my car now that I have had diamond brite done, is it advisable to wash , then use conserver that comes with the after care pack then wax and sometimes use a clay bar everynow and again before waxing

Thanks for advice
Strip the diamondbrite off - it's not too hard to do. A reasonably strong APC solution should see it gone, then investigate some decent detailing products.
I was thinking about having diamondbrite done myself.. taking into consideration the price, and the joy of washing and waxing my own car, i thought it was a waste of money and time.

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