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Full Version: 2.0 Tdci Ghia Help Please!
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Hi folks,

My focus 2.0 tdci has developed an annoying problem. It feels like the turbo is slow to respond causing me to sometimes having to drop down a gear to get the turbo to kick in. Anyone got any ideas???
what mileage has your car done...the reason i ask is because should try and eliminate the DPF and additive.
Sorry its a 05 plate and done around 81,000 miles.
Its also been a bit of nuisance to start especially when the engine is warm(sometimes 7 cranks!),cold starting dosent seem to be a problem.
well according to servicing, your DPF needs replacing at 79500 miles (iirc) and the Eoyls fluid needs topping up your problem would be is your car fitted with the above. only way to confirm is to ring your local dealer, pass them your vin and ask. this is because the 2.0 TDCI was optional DPF at factory stage, it was down to the first owner.

now if they turn around and say, yes you do have a DPF...prepare to spend a few hundred 's in the range of 500!!!

if they turn around and say, no your vehicle does not have a DPF...Your lucky but unlucky as you have a different fault.

if you dont mind me asking...what sort of driving do you do on town, motorway etc and how many miles. (sorry if i seem like i am intruding, it just helps narrow things down)

as with your other fault (starting) it sounds as though you might have a fuel issue...if the starter motor, battery and alternator are all good. has your fuel filter been changed and at what mileage was it done? this is the cheapest thing by far to sort.
Thanks for your response John.
Just changed the fuel filter a couple of weeks ago as I thought this might be the problem,but the filter I took out wasnt that dirty.
I do around 66 miles a day on a A road duel carriageway i.e. 70mph!
As for the DPF I have no idea if it has one or it easy to look underneath and see it?
And if it does have a DPF can it be changed DIY or would it be recommended to leave it to the experts?
you can do a quick check for seeing the additive tank which will tell you if you have a DPF. look under the back of the car next to the fuel tank if you see another smaller tank you have a DPF. if not you may still have one, to fastest and easiest is to ring your local dealer up.

you cant see the DPF as it is integral on the exhaust in the same place as the cat.

you can do it yourself but you will need the dealer to reset the counter and data.
One last question!
If it is the DPF can my local independent garage replace it an the top up the EOLYS and reset the ECU?
I know he uses a guy that can do the full diagnostic with his computer,will he be able to reset it or does it have to go to Ford?

Thanks for all the help I will get it checked out asap!

Oh one very last question! Will it do any more harm to keep running the car in the meantime?
sorry for the late reply, i was out on a comms call.

as far as i am aware there is hardware/software that will allow the the person using to reset the additive counter. but the only person to know if he can or not is the guy who holds and uses. your best bet is to ask him if he can.

other than that i suppose you can get the work carried out at your independant and then take your vehicle to say jennings and ask them to reset the counter...obviously they will charge labour.

if you leave your car in the long run it could irrepairably damage the DPF, but if your getting it changed it wont matter. but safe to say less use the better.

but also i wouldnt hold what i said gospel, take the stint and get your car diagnosed by ford and they should be able to tell you. then you can drive away and know whats wrong. i have learned from the mistake of just throwing money at it.

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